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Date: 9th & 10th September.

How do we bring together your own particular way of clowning (your stupidity and craziness) with the discipline of particular circus techniques, from juggling to aerial?


Traditional circus put clowns and virtuosic technique into the same arena, either combined in the same performer (the clown with high level skills), or separated out (the highly-skilled artiste contrasting with the clumsy clown). With the coming of new circus, distinct possibilities opened up, where skills might be embedded within theatrical or narrative forms (clownish/comedic or not), which required new performance skills from circus artists. With such a wide range of possibilities available to today’s performers, the question of how to integrate clowning and circus techniques is an important one, which at first sight seems to present an obstacle: how can one be both a stupid, incompetent clown and at the same time remain focused on the high level of discipline demanded by one’s technique? How to be clumsy on a trapeze when safety is an issue? How to look at an audience when on one’s back foot-juggling?


This workshop looks at the many different ways to bring together clowning and techniques, without ruining either of them! This is a rare opportunity to work with the specialist knowledge of Jon Davison, who has dedicated much of his teaching to the question of how to create clown material using individual skills, from circus to dance and music.


This workshop is suitable for those with an interest in clowning and who already have a minimum level in at least one circus technique.
*Date & Time*
9th & 10th September
10am – 5pm
Dublin Circus Centre, 76G Bannow Road, Cabra Dublin 7
€160 members , €180 non members
1 Participant by application to

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Integrating Clown with Circus Skills