This class will focus on the basis of ballet, barre, center work (adage, allegro) and traveling sequences (kicks, turns etc) perfect for all levels of movers from beginners to professional movers, acrobats, manipulation artists and aerialists.

Class would start with a quick warm up, core conditioning inspired by ballet. Center work focusing on breath and finding our core/center as our power of movement.

A simple ballet barre section.

Ending with traveling sequences and floor work.


To learn how to move through our center/core, to help master the basics a ballet as a technique

Learn how to move to specific timings, use of stillness and fluidity of movement.


No specifications required, beginners are welcome. Any injuries should be notified at the start of class.

Development and progression can be found on each student’s own level. I cater for everyone.


-Find a balance

As a dancer, We always want to find a balance between strength and fluidity, in this class we hope to find this balance in each student. Working towards balletic technique and performance values such as musicality and the characterisation of movement.

-Fun and Imagination

Use certain workshop techniques to help each student find their own style of movement. This is very important in my classes to help everyone find their own individual style through their strengths, either physical or character based.

Ballet is a great basis for all the circus skills people are training.

Dates 19th September till 24th of September

times 18.30 to 20.00

Dublin circus center studio

Price to be confirmed


Beginners Ballet