Saturday May 5th and Sunday May 6th


Join us at the Dublin Circus Project May 5-6 for a weekend packed full of exciting acrobatics!

Saturday, May 5: 9am – 11am; 12:30pm – 2:30pm
Sunday, May 6: 9am – 11am; 12:30pm – 2:30pm

Cost per session: €45
Cost per day: €80
Cost per full weekend: €150
EARLY BIRD (1st 10 spots): €140 per full weekend

Session 1: Saturday morning
Icarian: Dynamic Entrances and Exits
This workshop is open to anyone who can base or fly basic pops and wants to learn Icarian. It won’t be boring for those with experience, because we’re bringing out really fun progressions and skills that are different from the standard Icarian classes. Odd angles, new entrances and exits; this is going to be a blast!

** Pre-Requisites **
Ability to base or fly pops from bird to throne and back with hands connected, as well as experience basing or flying reverse throne, star, reverse star, and foot to hand. If these skills are new to you or you have any questions about whether or not you should join in, please message us!

Session 2: Saturday Afternoon
Standing F2H Foundations and Transitions
Standing F2H & RF2H – Solidify your L-base F2H skills and take them off the ground in this standing acrobatics workshop. We will explore variations of both standing F2H & RF2H. Given time and skill levels of those attending, we will also work dynamic entrances and exits involving F2H.

Ability to base or fly L-base F2H and RF2H (10 seconds each)

Session 3: Sunday morning
Icarian: Spinning, twisting, and floating!
Get ready to flip and spin in this high-flying Icarian class. We’re adding new rotations and pivots (in both the head-over-heels and twisting planes) to the foundational skills taught in the all-levels class. Weird pops galore. Really. We will provide accessible progressions and safe spotting techniques; however, you must have experience basing or flying Icarian skills to attend this class.

Ability to base or fly front plank to throne and back (Icarian)

Session 4: Sunday afternoon
H2H Foundations and Transitions:
You’ve got some amazing Acro and handstand classes happening here, why not complement them with some awesome H2H training? Whether you’re brand new to Acro or working on refining your H2H practice, this class is for you! We will start from the ground up, covering the basics of H2H grip and the nitty gritty details of alignment and technique. H2H is a never ending journey, and the stronger your foundation, the farther you’ll be able to progress safely and sustainably. Options for L basing and standing entrances and exits will both be offered (as appropriate) and refined.

Flyers should be able to hold L-basing free star and a 30 second handstand at the wall or with a spotter.
Bases should be able to demonstrate an L-basing F2H and tuck sit


Dublin Acro Intensive with Glen & Jessalyn