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OPEN DAY from 15.00 to 17.00

Come and discover the Dublin Circus Centre!

Open to all.

There will be some free Juggling and Acrobatics workshops and demos. Our members will also be on hand to answer any question you might have!




SHOW, Doors 20.00, Starting at 20.30
Hosted by Maria Corcoran


Excerpt from Cikada
by Ali Stanger and Henrik Gard
A short excerpt from Ali & Henrik’s new duo acrobatic show ‘Cikada’ that will play in Dublin Fringe Festival 2018.



by Laura Rossi
“Physical” is about the relation with the character and her body, transformations, a new way of physicality. Exploration, trying new moves in total freedom, enjoying herself and being ridiculous, why not!!!

Time to time
by Roseane B.
Most of the acts are born from an intention to communicate a given feeling, an opinion or to present a subject. Notwithstanding, this act was born as a dialogue between me and myself about the pleasure and pain of doing the things we love.

Every Other Freckle
by Polina Shapkina
Russian born Dublin reared aerialist from Tribe Fitness and Dance Dublin presents a dance inspired by a turbulent turn of events and a tossing aside of fears and inhibitions.


Balls & Clubs
by Jocelyn Moineaux
Coming to us from the City of Lights, Jocelyn is delighted to present his new Juggling act, with balls and clubs and a bit of a je ne sais quoi!


Made In China
by Jessica Doolin
A four minute piece that Jessica has been working on over the past few years of her journey working and training solo in the renown famous acrobatic town of china called Wuqiao. This piece reflects moments of determination, going deep into her thoughts and rediscovering herself in a new light. Through highs and lows this beautiful piece takes you on a journey of emotions through her manipulative art form taking elements and movements from The Chinese cultural history of circus and dance.


Ring Manipulation 
by Richard Kane
Richard is an energetic and versatile performer with skills ranging from fire dance, juggling, hula hoop, magic and clown. Richard has been an active member of The Dublin Circus Project since its beginning in 2010. 


No Socks Required
by Carla and Ria
Carla and Ria are proud to present their first acro act together: ‘No Socks Required’. This dynamic duo will show you flexibility, flips and fun.



Little dream
by Angelica Santander
Angelica has been cooking this act for a while. The idea was conceived for the 5×5 initiative as part of the National Circus Festival 2017 in Tralee. And now she is ready to share her work with the lovely DCP audience.



A trapezy flexy sketch
by Erika Brocca
A few months ago Erika, inspired by the melody of Nils Frahm, had the  dream of a new trapeze act. Thanks to the help of Taking Flight and Dublin Circus Project, she can now present that  dream to an audience.





RENEGADE Starting at 22.00
Hosted by Su Deneem

A Renegade stage is comparable to an open mic night but for circus folk (and ANYONE who wants to join in on the fun!). The traditional definition of a renegade is an outlaw, a person who’s a law upon themselves, and at a Dublin Circus Project Renegade anyone who enters upon the stage is just that, and anything goes. As anyone can have a spot on the stage the entertainment comes in many forms.


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