Monthly Clown Jam

When: First Saturday every Month
Where: Dublin Circus Centre
When: 1 pm to 3 pm
Cost: €5

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“Clown grows in performance”

Sue Morrison – Clown through Mask

Clown Jam is sweet and sticky and offers a safe non-judgmental space in which each Clown can perform on a regular basis in front of a small audience. After each performance, a small feedback round provides valuable insight from the audience and fellow clowns. The goal is to create a deeper level of connection between the Clown and the audience that is more natural and authentic and with that more engaging, relevant and fulfilling for both the Clown and the audience. The Jam provides an opportunity to explore new ideas and experiment with the many facets of the clown-audience relationship. There is no set structure or expectation other than showing up and being curious. Performance is encouraged but not necessary, such as prior knowledge or experience in Clowning is encouraged but equally not necessary.

Home, where love lives
A place to play
A safe space to take risks
To be valued for the person you are
Create a Sacred space –
to step out of normality
and Play with all your being
Outside of Cronos time
Franki Anderson



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