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Dynamic Flexibility with Erika Brocca

The workshop will focus on guide the group to learn graceful movements, increase flexibility, develop strength and coordination. This workshop will focus on improving your flexibility skills through specific gymnastic exercises and dance moves. You will learn new and impressive tricks, balances and contortionist like movements. After a good 30min of warming up (including games strength and conditioning), this two hour workshop will be divided into different sections to work properly on both legs and back flexibility, including shoulders flexibility. Special back conditioning exercises will bring you from bridge to walkovers and back over and in the same way you will improve your horizontal and vertical splits. In addition, specific dance positions and movements such as pirouettes and balances, as well as gymnastic movements like cartwheel, cabriole and jumps will be focused upon. We will also see how to smoothly glide from pose to pose.

Erika has been a rhythmic gymnastics player for 15 years. In 2011 she received a Rhythmic Gymnastic Teacher certification with the Italian Gymnastic Federation. She taught Rhythmic Gymnastics from 2011 to 2013 in Italy, during 2013 she taught General Gymnastic in the Dublin Business School. From 2014 she is teaching Dynamic Flexibility classes and private classes with DCP and workshops during Juggling and Acrobatic conventions in Ireland and oversea. Recently she is trying to improve her skills by taking private classes with professional contortionists.



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