Juggling Workshop: Passing with clubs

with the French Company, Dit Les Temps

  • Sunday, November 4th or Saturday, November 17th
  • 1pm to 3pm (2 hours)
  • Price: 15€ (paypal.me/jocelyncircus)
  • Please book in advance by emailing jojo.labatoude@gmail.com

This workshop is for starting jugglers or those with an intermediate level. It is suitable for those who can juggle with a minimum of 3 clubs. (Please bring your own clubs if possible!)

During these two hours, we will explore multiple types of passing techniques, with 5, 6 or even 7 clubs for the more experienced jugglers. While exploring different forms ( 4-count, 3-count, 2-count) and configurations (Duo, Trio, etc.), we will work on different patterns:  “V”, in “Y”, the Clock, the Passing Star, and more.

We will also have fun and discover some juggling tricks, and how to pick up a club when one of the jugglers dropped it!

Juggling Workshop: Passing with clubs