Acroyoga & Thai Massage Workshop
Fundraiser for Performers Without Borders – India Tour 2019


Erika is fundraising for the next Performers Without Borders India Tour 2019, which she will be a part of. The team will go over 4 cities teaching and performing hoping to bring some smile and happiness through circus skills in difficult social life situation … More Info:


This open level Acroyoga workshop combines a number of disciplines ranging from gymnastics, acrobatics to yoga and relaxation techniques inspired by Thai massage. In everything we do, our aim is to be fully present, especially when we are looking to find harmony both internally and with others around us. Acroyoga offers something different for every practitioner depending on their goal; be it building strength, finding balance, enhancing self-awareness both on a physical and on an emotional level, as well as building trust or boosting creativity. Acroyoga is all of these things and we would like to invite you to join us in this session and discover what matters to you the most!

All levels are welcome, no experience required, if you have done acro already, that’s great too. The class will cater for everyone.

The workshop will be divided in three main parts:

  • Warm up with games, followed by some strength and conditioning exercises and fun tumblings.
  • Afterwards, we will experiment with basic Acroyoga poses and flows, from L-base to standing and from standing to L-base. Don’t worry the exercises will be accessible for everybody!
  • Finally we will have a gentle Thai massage sequence guided by Elena.


Erika has been a rhythmic gymnastics player for 15 years. In 2011 she received a Rhythmic Gymnastic Teacher certification with the Italian Gymnastic Federation. She taught Rhythmic Gymnastics from 2011 to 2013 in Italy, during 2013 she taught General Gymnastic in the Dublin Business School. From 2014 she is teaching Dynamic Flexibility classes and private classes with DCP and workshops during Juggling and Acrobatic conventions in Ireland and oversea. Recently she is trying to improve her skills by taking private classes with professional contortionists. Erika is performing as contortionist for Dublin Circus Project and others client in Dublin for the last 4 years.

Elena: While studying Arts and completing her first B.A at the European Institute of Design in Turin, her hometown, Elena studied jazz and contemporary dance. She trained in different therapies that include Energy Point Healing, Ayurvedic Massage, NVC and Energy Work, training with different schools in Italy and Ireland, most recently completeing a master in Oriental Medicine, with Dublin College of Energy Medicine and the Acroyoga teacher training with Vancity Acro.


Acroyoga & Thai massage