Hand-balancing 6-week course
with Yeray

For Beginners: My main intention is to teach you to balance on your hands in the most relaxed way possible. I will tell you what you need to tighten up and what you don’t, where to place the weight and how to make sense of a skill such as a straight handstand. It will be broken down into steps that you can achieve and measure, taking away a lot of frustration!

Intermediate/Advanced: We will be working in the Main Shapes And Transitions with very specific corrections, drills and alignment exercises. Use Of Handstand Cubes, exercises, drills, refinement, transitions, etc. Skills Related To Hand-balancing, like press to handstands, croc, etc.

And of course, if there is anyone interested, all the prep work needed if you are looking to start working towards the One Arm Handstand or improving it.

I like giving a lot of individual attention & corrections, so please bring a notebook to get the most out of it, for hand-balancing in general and for your own practice later on.

As everyone comes from a different level, physical condition & background, there will be very specific corrections & exercises given to each practitioner. Every class includes a warm up, strength exercises, conditioning and stretching related to hand-balancing.

Hand-balancing 6-week course