Handstands, Flexibility and Hand-balancing Canes Workshop

Fundraiser for Performers Without Borders – India Tour 2019



Erika is fundraising for the next Performers Without Borders India Tour 2019, which she will be a part of. The team will go over 4 cities teaching and performing hoping to bring some smile and happiness through circus skills in difficult social life situation … More Info: http://www.pwb.ngo/


Erika and Laura will be teaching this workshop, which will focus on improving your flexibility and your handstands skills through specific gymnastic exercises and prehab acrobatic moves.

No experience necessary.

Warming up

  • Aerobic exercises to start to properly warm up.
  • Core conditioning and legs conditioning: different  exercises designed to progress flexibility, strength, endurance, alignment and balance.
  • Tumbling including tumble and cartwheel.


  • Deep partner stretching and go over some ways to increase and maintain your flexibility.
  • We’ll learn techniques to safely stretch the legs for splits and over-splits and techniques to stretch all sections of the back and shoulders for bridges and contortion.
  • Everyone will leave with exercises they can do on their own to work on their own contortion goals. Some tricks we will cover: walkover and back-over, cestand.


  • Headstand, forearm stand, and crow variations will also be worked on, but the focus will be handstand.
  • We will work in pairs to spot each other and against the wall to develop a confident and controlled entry into and out of the handstand.
  • Straight handstand, tock handstand and scorpion handstands.
  • To close the workshop we will all try with spotters to get on balancing canes.


Erika has been a rhythmic gymnastics player for 15 years. In 2011 she received a Rhythmic Gymnastic Teacher certification with the Italian Gymnastic Federation. She taught Rhythmic Gymnastics from 2011 to 2013 in Italy, during 2013 she taught General Gymnastic in the Dublin Business School. From 2014 she is teaching Dynamic Flexibility classes and private classes with DCP and workshops during Juggling and Acrobatic conventions in Ireland and oversea. Recently she is trying to improve her skills by taking private classes with professional contortionists. Erika is performing as contortionist for Dublin Circus Project and others client in Dublin for the last 4 years.

Laura has competed for 6 years in artistic gymnastic at a national level in Italy. Then she mastered her trampoline and tumbling skills training for 5 years in Rome. A year ago  she started to perform regularly as hand-balancer for Dublin circus Project and Aerial Circus in the Academy Circus Night and she recently started  teaching weekly trampoline and acrobatics classes in the Dublin Circus Centre.

Handstands, Flexibility & Canes