Fire Eating Classes with Shade Flamewater & Mini Azur

Shade Flamewater and Mini Azur are coming to Dublin for the first time to teach their world famous fire techniques.


  • Beginners 12pm-2pm (€60, Beginner & Advanced €120)
  • Advanced 3pm-5:30pm (€80, Beginner & Advanced €120)
  • Super Advanced 6pm-8pm (€60)


We recommend to all students (complete beginner to professional) to take both the Beginner and Advanced classes together. Beginner Class teaches introduction to fire safety, simple hand tricks, Jellyfish Extinguish, Palm Extinguish, fire eating and beginner vapor tricks. Advanced Class teaches more advanced vapor techniques, including 5 ways to draw vapor, the Human Candle, transfers and more advanced tricks. You must attend the Beginner class to participate in the Advanced class. Super Advanced Class continues from the advanced class, and teaches more difficult vapor techniques, including fireballs and combination tricks. You must participate in the Advanced class to participate in Super Advanced. 

Fire Eating Workshops