• 29 April, 13 May, 20 May, 27 May
  • Dublin Circus Centre
  • Mondays, 6.30pm to 8pm
  • 20 Eur Drop in (1st Class Only)
  • 70 Eur for the 4-week course

*** SIGN UP TOGETHER WITH A FRIEND TO GET A DISCOUNT: Early bird option available until April 24th, bring a friend and sign up for the full course for €120 or buy a single pass for €65. *****

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This Open Level Acroyoga Course introduces the foundations of acrobatic partner yoga. In a safe environment students can explore different ways of moving, while connecting to oneself and others.

Acroyoga teaches us how to trust, find balance, improve self-awareness, and express creativity. We are inviting you to discover the world of flying and basing, and simply connecting through new experience. No experience required.

The classes are led by two passionate teachers who tailor the exercises to each student’s individual’s needs and levels. Classes normally start by a yoga warm-up or crossfit style core conditioning exercises to build stamina and strength to be able to progress in acro.

For the second half of the class we break down a short acroyoga flow and look at entrances to individual poses, smooth transitions. To finish the class, we cool down with some partner stretches and a gentle massage.



Elena Brossa: While studying Arts and completing her first B.A at the European Institute of Design in Turin, her hometown, Elena studied jazz and contemporary dance. She trained in different therapies that include Energy Point Healing, Ayurvedic Massage, NVC and Energy Work, training with different schools in Italy and Ireland, most recently completing a master in Oriental Medicine, with Dublin College of Energy Medicine and the Acroyoga teacher training with Vancity Acro.


Zsófi Ruszkai: Zsófi Ruszkai #yogatoconnect found her passion for acroyoga and partner acrobatics through the Irish Circus Community, where she plays an important role being member of the Management Committee and leading regular acroyoga classes. She is a certified Acroyoga Montréal teacher and is currently undertaking a 250 hrs Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Dublin. For Zsófi, acroyoga is about connecting to others while finding balance within. This realization shed a new light on how she understands yoga, which for her is a way to set the emotional and physical foundations necessary to create unforgettable experiences while moving, dancing and connecting with others. This is why she choose the motto #yogatoconnect. For Zsófi this practice is about letting go, while learning to open up to others, learning how to respect and see the uniqueness in everyone.

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