Handstand Foundations – Beginner Masterclass

with Seve Feathers

  • February 16th, 2PM to 4PM
  • Dublin Circus Centre
  • Price: €45
  • DCP Members (if Booked online): €35
  • DCP Members Drop-In: €45
  • Early Bird Discount: 10%
  • Booking/info: sevefeathers@gmail.com

This course suits anyone who wants to:

  • Be able to hold a handstand or develop their free-standing practice,
  • Find fun and unconventional ways to keep fit and active,
  • Work on joint mobility and reconnect with their body.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or can already free-stand, this course will provide you with a wide array of efficient exercises and progressions to take home to your own practice, with a view to assessing and troubleshooting recurrent issues as well as overcoming plateauing. You will avail of individual hands-on coaching to help you find “your” line.

For two hours, you will work on:

  • Developing core and upper body strength and flexibility,
  • Learning strategies and drills to isolate body parts, reach optimal alignment and re-balance,
  • Learning how to prepare and look after your joints and muscles in efficient warm-ups and cool-downs.

Requisite: none.

BEGINNERS will learn the structure of the handstand (body tension, alignment and re-balancing) and develop the tools and long-term strategies to train efficiently and safely to their own levels, with particular attention to joint preparation. Students will progressively develop strength and flexibility while getting used to getting inverted, using the wall and progressively learning how to stand free. They will learn to kick up and bail in a controlled and safe way. Lastly, they will learn to correct themselves and give specific and efficient cues to improve the line.

IMPROVERS are welcome too! They will focus on consistency. They will approach the handstand as a whole movement, from kicking up to free-standing. Students will work on specific energy-saving exercises to raise their “successful entry” rate. They will improve their shoulder line and learn body isolation techniques to re-balance efficiently and transition from shape to shape, with the help of spotters and/or the wall. Lastly, students will learn drills and long-term strategies to improve their line and endurance.

Spaces are limited.

Seve Feathers is a Dublin-based image-maker who uses circus, movement, musicality and projections to create original striking imagery of a poetic nature in solo or collective work in highly interactive acts exploring current societal and psychological issues with a view to provoking thoughts and sharing a journey with the audience.

With a background in Literature, Theatre and Languages, Seve started handbalancing in 2014 and has performed her original creations across Ireland: Dublin Circus Festival, Carlow Arts Festival, The National Circus Festival of Ireland, Spraoi Festival, Fringe Fuse Night, Limerick Fringe. Recently, Seve performed “In the City Still”, an environment-specific group performance exploring the interactions of the acrobatic body and urban spaces at the Spoffin Festival Lab Residency (NL). Seve was granted the Circus Bursary Award 2018 by the Arts Council of Ireland, thanks to which she completed the intensive training programme “Raising the Bar” at The Muse Brooklyn (NY).
Seve also teaches handbalancing and flexibility in Dublin Circus Project, Christchurch Fitness Centre, The Movement Studio, Fumbally Stables and via online coaching (FB/Instagram: @sevefeathers).

Photo Credit: Keith Wall

Handstand Foundations – Beginner Masterclass