Donabate Youth Classes

  • 7-week course
  • Feb 26th – April 9th
  • Tuesdays Afternoon
  • 1st-3rd class 2.25 – 3.25 pm
  • 4th-6th class 3.25 – 4.25 pm
  • Price: 84 euros + booking costs
  • Location: Donabate Portrane Educate Together NS


Circus Games (1st – 3rd Class)

Obstacle courses, teamwork games, pyramid building and more. This class is designed to develop your child’s balance and coordination as well as their ability to work in a team. The basics of circus skills such as: juggling, jumping, beam balancing etc. will be taught trough games, songs and fun activities.

Beginners Circus (4th – 6th Class)

Juggling, stilt walking, tumbling, hula hoop, tight wire walking, diabolo, partner acrobatics and more will be introduced with a focus on game based learning and creativity. The participants can expect to learn new tricks, makes lots of new friends and improve coordination.

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Why Circus??

Trough these classes we hope to not only teach circus skills but circus atmosphere!!! We aim to achieve the following:

->  To introduce students to circus arts. The first five weeks are focused on introducing the students to a variety of circus disciplines, giving them a taste for each and allowing them the space to be creative with the skills taught to them. Participants will also be introduced to the history of circus and the culture of circus groups.

-> To help the participants to embrace their uniqueness, their strengths and weaknesses. Trough learning new circus disciplines students will observe that they excel in some while find others more challenging, they will also observe that their classmates will have different skills to themselves. Everybody has a place in the circus we cannot build a human pyramid if everybody is small or if everybody is large, we need diversity.

-> To create an atmosphere of support and community among the participants. When learning a circus skill much repetition and failure is required before the participant achieves success. We will foster a culture of support for our peers and collaboration instead of competition. Failure is important as without it we cannot learn, it is not to be mocked but to be celebrated. Trough analysis of our failure and repetition we become resilient and do not associate shame with not succeeding every time.

-> To create a cohesive group. We will concentrate on creating strong bonds in the group and ensure that all participants have the opportunity to work with each and every one of the other participants in the group. At the end of the 10 weeks we will reflect on the work that we have done and celebrate it trough a performance for the group or possibly for family and friends.

Donabate Youth Circus