Hula Hoop Intensive
with Amanda Lee aka Miss Hoopdidoo and Taylor Flows


The Bend & Snap! with Miss Hoopdidoo

It’s time to add some sass and style into your hoop dance flow and explore the depths of your body’s creative movement! In this hoop dance workshop, things are going to get silly, raw and maybe even a little weird! We will begin by learning the fundamentals of choreography so that you can be empowered and inspired to create combos and choreographed routines. We will experiment with these ideas in collaborative partner exercises to help you step outside of your box – or circle – and reignite the creative spark you felt when you first picked up a hula hoop. Finally, we will conclude with the focus of the workshop – learning some of Miss Hoopdidoo’s favorite tricks and transitions infused into a unique, 1 minute choreographed single hoop dance routine. If you love to hula hoop, this class is for you! All levels will be accommodated and challenged! You will leave feeling inspired, refreshed and filled with joy!

Tricks and Transitions with Taylor Flows

Trying to spice up your tricks with a hoop? Sick and tired of the same old transitions into tricks? Have no fear! This single hoop trick and transition intensive is the perfect fit for you. Taylor will be covering a wide range of her favorite tricks and ways to transition in and out of them! Contact escalators, breaks, and coin flips are just some of the tricks that will be taught during this workshop! This is the perfect class to come and be silly, learn a lot of new tricks to add to your repertoire, and open your mind to new possibilities with your hoop.


We have a limited number of tickets! Each ticket is 80 euros and we will be accepting payment through PayPal to If you do not have a Paypal account message us and we can figure something out!
When sending money through PayPal PLEASE send money as “Friends and Family” and be sure to put in the notes “Dublin Workshop”

Hula Hoop Intensive