Creative Handbalancing / Headstands
With Ali and Henrik

  • Sunday, April 21st
  • 11am to 12.30pm
  • Dublin Circus Centre
  • Non DCP Members: €20 / With Group Acrobatics workshop: €35
  • DCP Members: €15 / With Group Acrobatics workshop: €25

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Playing with movement on our hands, exploring ways in and out of handstands or headstands, and what are our feet and legs doing to create some interesting individual choreography. We will be exploring primarily individually, so confidence to either hold a handstand or headstand alone is necessary. All class profit will go towards the running costs of Irish Acrobatic Convention 2019. (

Ali (UK) & Henrik (Sweden) are a hand to hand duo based out of Ireland. They began working together in May 2017 after both separately landing a job with Irish company Tumble Circus, and since then have been working as an acro-duo. They created their first show ‘Cikada’ at the beginning of 2018 which was nominated for the Judges’ Choice Award, ‘Best Duo,’ Dublin Fringe Festival 2018.

Creative Handbalancing / Headstands