Clowning Intensive Workshop

  • Dublin Circus Centre
  • Tuesday, June 25th to Friday June 28th
  • 6PM to 9PM
  • Price: 200€ (150€ for DCP Members)
  • Early Bird: Before June 1st 180€
  • Drop-in: 70€ per evening
  • Open Level


The workshop will focus on the opening of playfulness and physical pleasure, the record of impulses and playfulness within the clown, suitable for students approaching this craft for the first time as well as for those aiming to develop and explore it further.

In this regard, it is intended to investigate: first, the clown’s look and the physical and emotional limits in order to break them later. Second, to play with the physical and emotional pleasure and with the imagination as a bridge of an imaginary clown. Finally, to make peace with failure, to learn the benefits behind a mistake and to explore the feeling of emptiness.

Clown basis: Finding and highlighting the joy of playing. Being positive, believing and trusting silliness. Rhythm and awareness as a way of opening into the clown state. Clown States: Sad, drunk, cheerful, scared, etc.

Class dynamics

We’ll start with physical and playful warm-up to prepare the body and the sensations to enhance the clowning practice. Following the warm-up, students will be provided with dynamics and exercises to help them with the understanding of technical and expressive tools, which we will be working with in class. We’ll conclude with a scenic exercise using concepts seen in class.

The workshop duration is 4 days. Each session will lasts 3 hours. Each day will have a specific topic discussion and development of the technique. We will go from the simplest topics to the more complex ones. It is organized in order for students to improve their skills in the contents.

This training is very useful not only for artists of all disciplines, but also for anyone that wishes to learn more about themselves and human connection and interaction, whether they have performing aims or not.

Ezequiel Olazar

He is an actor, physical theatre actor, clown and clowning workshops facilitator.

He graduated in Instituto municipal de teatro de Avellaneda (IMTA). He trained with prominent figures in the art of clowning; at a national and international level, including: Gabriel Chamé Buendía, Toto Castiñeiras and Anton Valen (Cirque du soleil). He trained for four years at Espacio Aguirre (Clown School) by Julieta Carrera and its director, Marcelo Katz. He also trained with Nicolás Kohen, Nahuel Fernández and Claudio Martínez Bel. He began his Physical Theatre training at Teatro del Perro, which was coordinated by Diego Mauriño. He also attended courses with Juan Onofri Barbato and Emiliano Larrea.

He went on tour with the play ‘Piso 35’ to Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Ireland and Spain. He also facilitated workshops in different cities as Santiago de Chile and Dublin, Ireland. In Dublin he also facilitated an introduction to clowning one day workshop in the Lab in June 2018. He is doing research into the clowning technique by running annual workshops and intensive seminars for beginners and intermediate students in Buenos Aires.

Clowning Intensive Workshop