i am clown 43
A transformative experience led by Clown JohnieK

  • Thursday August 1st & Friday August 2nd
  • 11.11am to 2.12pm both days
  • Dublin Circus Centre
  • Price: 80 Euros (60 Euros for DCP Members)
  • All Levels 16+

Bookings: iamclown43@gmail.com

The Circus Clown is the most Versatile Artist in the Whole of the Performing Arts!
The Clown is an ageless part of our Humanity.
The Clown is The Great Pretender.
The Clown is Innocent.
The Clown can speak All Languages and know None.
The Clown can be silent yet say so much.
The Clown is Anyone The Clown choses to be…
And so very much more……
Wear loose comfortable clothes
Bring your self



Clown Johnnie K's workshop is a have-a-go-whirlwind of trying and and playing and learning routines and ideas from his lifetime of experience clowning around the world. 

Don't mistake this for some lesson of by-the-book routines however. You will leave with more than just the framework for some beautiful clown routines, but with the understanding to grow your own routines. In over 20 years of training as a performer, clown Johnny K's workshop stands out as both the most fun but also the one that benefitted my professional act most. I'd highly recommend his workshop to any self respecting performer that thinks they don't know everything and is willing to learn. There's nothing this man can't teach another performer. 

Brian Daly, Magician

I recently did one of Johnnie's workshops. I came in scared to death he gave me s big hug and I knew I was in a safe environment. He was so generous. Learning from years of his experience was very inspiring and he really makes you feel you can achieve it. He gives you so many gags, tips and practical advice its great value. It's at the heart of all comedy and I came out feeling I had learnt so much. Dare to be brave. I definitely came out happier than I went in.

Hilda Fay
Johnie K's I AM CLOWN workshop is top notch. I generally fear public performance and performance in general but the casual nature of the workshop and the relaxed atmosphere made it easy to face such fears. I didn't need to prepare or bring anything, everything was supplied, costumes, makeup and even comic timing. Johnie's own experience and stories delve into the practicalities and philosophy of clowning and the difference it can make to anyone and everyone.

Michael Higgins, Award-winning Filmmaker

i am clown 43