Whips & Whip-pops Workshop
with Pri and Jen

  • January 18th + 19th
  • Dublin Circus Centre Main Space
  • 9am to 3pm both days
  • Dublin Circus Centre
  • Price: 2 days, €180 | 1 day, €100
  • EARLY BIRD (before Dec. 17th): 2 days, €160 | 1 day, €80
  • Open Level

Bookings: prijenacro@gmail.com

What are Whips?

Whips are Dynamic transitions that take advantage of the momentum to create fluidity in your movements.If you want to learn whip techniques from the basics and progress to advanced whips or even to whip-pops, this workshop is perfect for you! You will learn all the tools you need in order to build advanced skills step by step. Through our appropriate progressions, you will be able to get skills that looked impossible before.

In this 4 modules workshop, we will focus on all kinds of whips, including front, back, and twisting whips, as well as on the spotting techniques in order to offer you a safe and fun learning experience. We offer a limited number of spots to ensure personal attention to all participants. You do not need to come with a specific partner.

Skill Level:

In order to enjoy this workshop, we recommend you to join us if you feel at least comfortable and stable in your basic Acroyoga practice (Bird, Reverse Bird, Throne, Reverse Throne, Side-Star, Shoulder-stand, Hand-Bird) and basic washing machines (Ninja-Star, Catherine’s Wheel). For the Sunday workshop, you need to have assisted to the workshop organised on Saturday or be consistent with the basic whips (Tarzan/Front Dive, Back Whip from Chair to Bird)

Whips & Whip-pops Workshop