Dynamic Flexibility Workshop
With Erika Brocca

  • Sat. October 26th
  • 1pm to 3pm
  • Dublin Circus Centre
  • Early Bird (Before Oct. 15th): 20€ (DCP Members: 15€)
  • Price: 25€ (DCP Members: 20€)
  • Booking:
    • https://www.paypal.me/EBrocca/16
    • https://www.paypal.me/EBrocca/21
    • https://www.paypal.me/EBrocca/26
  • Contact: erika.brocca@gmail.com


This workshop will focus on improving your flexibility skills through specific gymnastic exercises. In addition, we will learn how to progress slowly and smoothly from flexibility tricks to contortion like moves.

Learn how to have awareness of the whole spine, lengthening, strengthening and bending in each part of the spine, utilize specific exercises using both passive and active flexibility as well as the use of PNF techniques, and develop a key body awareness while bending. Going into specific how you should progress from splits to over splits alone or with a partner; improve your bridge performances working just with a wall.

Specific tricks that we will work on: Headstand, elbow-stand and cestand, walkover and back-over and finally scorpion handstand. For each trick we will try to move a bit forward the standard in a safe-way. You will learn new and impressive tricks, balances and contortionist like movements.

Erika will also give you important tips to continuing improving your flexibility on your own, working at home alone or with a spotter.

After a good 30 mins of warming up including strength, conditioning, tumbling and general mobility, this two hour workshop will be divided into different sections to work properly on both legs and back flexibility, including shoulders flexibility.

Erika has been a rhythmic gymnastics player for 15 years. In 2011, she received a Rhythmic Gymnastics Teacher certification with the Italian Gymnastic Federation. She taught Rhythmic Gymnastics from 2011 to 2013 in Italy, during 2013 she taught General Gymnastic in the Dublin Business School. From 2014 she is teaching Dynamic Flexibility classes and private classes with Dublin Circus Project and workshops during Juggling and Acrobatic conventions in Ireland, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Holland . Recently she is trying to improve her skills by taking private classes with professional contortionists. Erika has been performing as contortionist for Dublin Circus Project and others client in Dublin for the last 4 years. From January 2019 – May 2019 on tour with Performers without Borders India. Since June 2019 Teaching, training and performing at Zip Zap Circus School Cape Town.

Dynamic Flexibility Workshop