General Manager: Rachael Bellingham Maher

Creative and Programme Director: Nicola Moran

Boards Of Directors 2024:

Richard Brennan, app. 2019, Company Secretary

Ebru Nuhoglu Reilly, app. 2019, Director

Alcarine Power, app. 2021, Director

Robert Kiernan, app. 2021, Director

Thank you to all of the generous and passionate people who have volunteered their time over the last 15 years on our committee, board, management team and supporting our circus centre and events: Laura Ivers, Niall Tuohy, Erika Brocca, James Mc Dermott, Ben Carpenter, Maria Corcoran, Niv Dufournet, Aubrey Marshall, Richard Kane, Caroline Toledo, Laura Rossi, Henrik Gard, Jonah McGreevy, Elaine McCague, Brendan Fahy and Merlin Stone among others.

Board of Directors 2022

Richard Brennan (appointed in 2019)

Richard Brennan is currently the Financial Controller at the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. Over the past decade he has worked in finance management in the public sector and with various NGOs. Richard is a circus enthusiast, having been involved in juggling and circus for nearly two decades.

Ebru Nuhoglu Reilly (appointed in 2019)

In the last 25 years, Ebru has worked in the financial services sector in diverse areas, from administration, operations, governance, risk, regulations and investor relations. While studying and working in finance, her heart has always been in philosophy, psychotherapy and the arts, and she has been drawn to art performances to feed her soul. Besides her financial training, she has also pursued ongoing education in health promotion, logotherapy and philosophy and is currently a student of psychotherapy. In her role as a Director of DCP, she aims to use her professional experience (especially governance, risk and project management) in the field of her dreams.

 Alcarine Power (appointed in 2021)

Actuary by day, aerialist by night, Alcarine joined the Board so that she could apply her experience and technical skills in service to the circus arts that she loves. With over 20 years of experience in applying actuarial techniques to risk, she works in financial risk with one of Ireland’s largest insurance companies.

Robert Kiernan (appointed in 2021)

Having worked in arts management for over 10 years experience in both Ireland and Australia, Robert has successfully run the operations and commercial enterprises for several organisations such as Science Gallery, Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, White Rabbit Gallery and Russborough House. He is delighted to join the Dublin Circus Project to help it achieve its mission, grow participant numbers and revenue streams.