Dublin Circus Centre >>

The Orchard Community Centre,

Cherry Orchard Grove, Cherry Orchard,

Dublin 10, D10 H024

  • Bus 79 / 79A (Saint Ultans School, stop 2909)
  • Bus 40 (Cleggan Park, stop 2672)
  • Express Bus 860 (Park West Avenue ->SE2)
  • Irish Rail 2 (Park West & Cherry Orchard Station)

Venue Rules

The following rules must be adhered to when in the Dublin Circus Centre:

  • You are responsible for your own safety.
  • All individuals training during Open Training times must be up to date on their annual registration fee.
  • Please keep the space tidy and clean up after yourself.
  • No food should be eaten in the training area.
  • No shoes on any gymnastic mats.
  • All gymnastic mats must be lifted, not dragged, by two people.
  • Do not interfere with any aerialist while they are on the equipment. This includes: touching the equipment, walking underneath equipment, throwing props near them, needlessly talking to them while they’re on equipment.
  • Seek permission to use equipment that is not yours.
  • Keep rosin, chalk, food, drink and street shoes off all mats.

Aerial Circus

Aerialists must be aerial-approved prior to training in our space.

  • No Training above 1.5m
  • To rig apparatus please contact us. No equipment can be rigged, removed or altered without permission from DCP staff.
  • Crash mats must be used at all times.
  • No aerial training without another person present in the training space.
  • Please assist and spot each other but refrain from instruction outside of registered classes.
  • No homemade equipment can be rigged in the space.
  • Aerialists should be aware and respectful of other circus arts practitioners in the space.
  • Please be safe, warm up properly, use skilled spotters and stay within your skill and training limitations!