General Manager:

Nathalie Clement

Youth Director:

Aoife Raleigh

Boards Of Directors 2020:

Laura Ivers, appointed 2011, Chairperson

Richard Brennan, appointed 2019, Treasurer

Zsofia Ruskai, appointed 2019, Director

Ebru Reilly, appointed 2019, Director

Thank you to all of the generous and passionate people who have volunteered their time over the last 10 years on our committee, board, management team and supporting our circus centre and events:Angelica Santander, Neil Tuohy, Erika Brocca, James Mc Dermott, Tony Mahon, Ben Carpenter, Ria Corcoran, Niv Dufournet, Aubrey Marshall, Richard Kane Caroline Toledo, Laura Rossi, Henrik Gard, Jonah McGreevy, Elaine McCague, Brendan Fahy and Merlin Stone among others.