Throughout the year we produce multiple events from social occasions to professional productions. These events include our ever popular Renegade!, our amateur/emerging artist Open Stage shows and our Street and Circus Theatre productions. For all of these events our members, and sometimes the public, can get involved and take their skills to the stage.

See below for a taste of what we do and click through to them for more information. You can keep up with what’s coming next by heading over to our upcoming events section.



A social occasion comparable to an open mic night but for circus (and ANYONE who wants to join in on the fun!).

Renegade thumbnailThe night is a mixture of great technical acts, clowning and comedy and people who are working on a new trick and want to show it to the world. However, the stage is not limited to high quality talent or even circus tricks. If you can light a match with your feet, take your top off while doing a handstand or have a talking cucumber for a stage partner, we want to see it!

All who take to the stage will be rewarded with a shot of Tequila or a tasty non-alcoholic treat.


Renegade events are BYOB and overs 18s.




Open Stage

open stage henrik leidy acrobatics dublin circus centreAn Open Stage is an opportunity for any professional or aspiring performer to test out new materials or works in progress to a welcoming audience. The Open Stage is more formal than our Renegade events, with a set line up of performers, but is not at the scale of full Circus Theatre productions.

The audience are treated to a great variety of acts, not strictly limited to circus. If the performers would like feedback on their shows notepads can be distributed throughout the audience for them to give constructive thoughts on each show.



Circus Theatre

dublin circus project summer_cabaret_hula_hoop trapeze clown comedy

Our Circus Theatre productions are collaborative, peer-to-peer creations by members of Dublin Circus Project, lead by a director. Productions are presented in a theatre setting as opposed to the traditional circus tent.Previous DCP Circus Theatre productions include All Hallows Circus (2015), Backstaged (2013) among others.

We also run annual theatrical Cabaret shows such as our Christmas (2013, 2014) and Summer Cabarets (2015, 2016). These productions are not narrative driven but are instead a presentation of acts woven together by a host.




Street Theatre

prometheus dublin circus project fire show

Street Theatre is a form of theatrical performance and presentation in outdoor public spaces. Our productions are generally set organised events, both large and small in scale, differentiating it from regular busking. We also sometimes perform walkabout performances which really takes the circus to the streets.

The locations can be anywhere, from the main courtyard of Trinity College Dublin where we performed a 15+ person strong fire spectacle, Prometheus: A Tale of Fire (2015) to the busy traffic lights of Dublin for our Rush Hour Circus (2014).