We are absolutely thrilled to officially announce that Dublin Circus Project has found a new home! We will be moving to The Orchard Community Centre in Cherry Orchard, Ballyfermot at the end of this month. This new venue will enable us to move on to the next chapter of our development and growth, while enabling us to better serve our members, students and the Irish Circus community. 

The Orchard Community Centre was relaunched in October 2017 and is a community hub offering many activities, classes, and resources to the local and wider community. We will have shared use of the large main hall with local community groups and will have access to studios for residencies and classes as needed. With amenities such as easy bus and rail access, parking, changing rooms and showers, heating, an onsite cafe, a permanent office, as well as wifi, we are confident that The Orchard Community Centre will be an amazing new home for our members that will support community-based and multidisciplinary practices. 

We are really looking forward to getting to know, interact, and work with the local community. Our youth team is already collaborating with local groups and we hope to extend that collaboration.

While we were looking forward to celebrating our 5 years spent in Cabra and giving our second home a proper farewell, due to Covid-19 restrictions we are unfortunately unable to organise an event. However, we look forward to hosting our members and friends for a circus filled celebration as soon as we can.

The last open training in our Cabra venue will be on September 15th. If you would like to come and train at the centre one last time please see our Covid-19 training guidelines and signup here. If you have equipment or belongings that you need to collect from the centre please come during open training, or contact the team to arrange a suitable time, to ensure compliance with our  Covid-19 safety procedures. 

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we find our feet in our new venue and we look forward to introducing you all to our new home and community. Once we have completed our move we will work out training and class timetables and plan an opening event (Covid-19 restrictions allowing) so keep an eye out for upcoming newsletters and announcements on our social media accounts. 

Please feel free to get in touch and send any questions you might have to info@dublincircusproject.com.

The Dublin Circus Project team



>> Please read our DCP Covid-19 Policy & Procedures >>

To help us make the Dublin Circus Centre a safe place, we have put in place the following rules and procedures in response to the Government’s Roadmap for Reopening Society & Business and in compliance with the National Return to Work Safely Protocol (May 2020):

Opening Days & Times:

  • The centre will be opened on Tuesday and Fridays between 4pm and 8pm, to allow for a rest time between uses of the centre.
  • There will be two bookable slots per evening.
  • Attendance is limited to a maximum of 6 people at any given time.
  • Members will need to book in HERE

Please bring with you:

  • A towel to be used exclusively to disinfect equipment.
  • A towel for your own usage and to dry your hands.
  • A reusable water bottle.
  • A pen.

Health & Safety:

  • Keep the main door opened at all times to maximise ventilation.
  • Remove bags and shoes before entry and store them on the shelves until departure.
  • Disinfect mats and equipment before and after use with your towel and disinfectant provided.
  • Wash hands on entry and departure, and every 30 mins while in the space.
  • Limit equipment usage to one person at any given time.
  • Maintain at least 2m distance whenever possible from other individuals.
  • Wear a mask whenever possible.
  • If bringing your own small equipment, sanitise before entry.
  • Wash hands before and after using the toilet. Clean toilet seat and handle after use.
  • Respect hygiene guidelines on sneezing, coughing, handwashing, etc.
  • Only use the kitchen to get water. There is no eating, coffee or tea making permitted in the centre.
  • Do not use the lounge/kitchen area.

Aerial: Only approved aerialists with their own equipment already rigged can train at this time.


No spectator, family or friends will be allowed in the circus centre.  Please only attend for training and leave as soon as your training is over.

Please read the questions below. If you answered yes to any of the below, we are unfortunately not able to welcome you in the Circus Centre at present.

  1. Have you visited any country outside Ireland excluding Northern Ireland in the past 14 days?
  2. Are you suffering any flu-like symptoms / symptoms of Covid-19?
  3. Are you experiencing difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath?
  4. Are you experiencing any fever like / temperature symptoms?
  5. Are you feeling unwell health-wise?
  6. Have you been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 in the past 14 days? 
  7. Do you live with or care for a vulnerable person, or consider yourself to be vulnerable?


  • Pay online prior to attending the centre. No cash payments will be accepted.
  • We have increased our prices very slightly to cover the additional expenses incurred by making the centre a safe training environment. Drop-in: €6, 1-month: €33, 3-months membership: €87
  • Sign in upon arrival (with your own pen)

Thank you for your help in making the Dublin Circus Centre a safe and welcoming environment for all our members. 

We missed you and look forward to seeing you there very soon!

The DCP Team