Annual Membership

Becoming an Annual Member gives you access to our training facilities, members-only events, as well as discounted rates in workshops hosted in the Dublin Circus Centre and to performances produced by Dublin Circus Project.

Drop-in / Guest Drop-in

Dublin Circus Centre offers drop-in rates for members, and a guest drop-in for visitors.

Visitors must be accompanied by a member.

1-month / 3-month / 1-year

Monthly, quarterly or annual training passes offer the ability to train in your given discipline, including aerial arts, and use of DCP circus equipment on a daily basis over the period of your membership.Monthly membership offers great value for those who wish to train regularly.

Annual membership is available to anyone 16 years old or older. Members under 18 must be registered by legal guardian.

Visitors availing of our guest drop-in need to be 18 years old or older.

Available to members only