In collaboration with Dance Ireland, and thanks to the support of the Arts Council, Dublin Circus Project will again be offering 4 residency opportunities to 6 artists in 2020.


Artists in Residence in 2020


Jonah McGreevy & Deirdre Griffin (Catalyst 2020: Development of Work)

Objectives: Developing a new collaborative duet through high technical and theatrical mentorship, produce a work that is artistically advanced and accessible using a combination of hand to hand partner acrobatics and physical theatre.

Deirdre Griffin, founder of HeadonBody, is a multi-award winning creative dancer and choreographer with years of experience performing and developing work. Jonah McGreevy, cofounder and co-creative director at Loosysmokes and multi-award winning acrobat, is an aerialist, director and producer of modern experimental circus work.

They will be working with director Alain Servant and circus artist Fernando Jorge


Seve Feathers (Ignition 2020: Development of Artist)

Objectives: Exploring a new creative methodology on embodiment with mentor Megan Kennedy (Junk Ensemble) focused on her exploratory movement research “Fleeting”, working on the ephemeral, echoes, trails and traces of the human experience.

Seve Feathers is a Dublin-based image-maker using circus and movement to create striking imagery of a poetic nature relating to current societal and psychological topics with a view to provoking thoughts and sharing a journey with the audience.

Seve will be working with director Megan Kennedy.



Nicola Moran (Ignition 2020: Development of Artist)

Objectives: Exploring concept development through the experimental conversations between body, form and material, initial drawings that adorn the body and the body in turn informs.

Nicola Moran is an award-winning aerialist, dancer, circus artist and jewellery designer. She has trained extensively in acrobatics and other circus arts all over the globe (Costa Rica, Spain, Israel,  and Croatia)

Nicola will be working with Kevin Edward Turner of Company Chameleon and Amanda Coogan.




Aisling ni Cheallaigh & Ronan Brady (DCP Support Residency 2020)

Objectives: Developing a new piece. As our relationships with those around us change, so do we. But can these different facets of ourselves form a connected whole? Or are we at the root of it all, forever fragmented?

Aisling and Ronan are circus artists and renowned aerialists, who have recently collaborated on award-winning show “How to Square a Circle”, as well as “Bingo Wings” and “Sub Rosa”. They have both performed extensively abroad and in Ireland, together and individually.

They will be working with choreographer Joli Vyann and director Jenny Jennings.



Artists in Residence in 2019


Caroline Toledo (Ignition 2019: Development of Artist)

Caroline, originally from Rio de Janeiro, is a performing artist based in Dublin. She has years of international experience in the performing arts as an actor, dancer and a singer and has been hard at work developing her skills as an acrobat and aerialist for the last five years in Dublin. Caroline has trained with many renowned Irish and International Aerialists and continues to seek out opportunities to progress both artistically and technically. She is also an active member of the Dublin Circus Project, where she trains five days a week focusing on aerial rope, doubles acrobatics and movement.

Caroline would like to bring the Viewpoints Technique which was developed in the 70’s by the choreographer Mary Overly and later adapted for stage acting by the directors Anne Bogart and Tina Landau as a base to her aerial rope and acrobatic art development. This project will be based on a movement research and their qualities on the stage using the aerial rope as a vertical plane and the floor as a horizontal plane. During this residency Caroline will work on the development of a very strong visual work having the Viewpoints as a direction for her creation.  


Cikada Circus (Catalyst 2019: Development of Work)

Ali (UK) and Henrik (Sweden) are a hand to hand duo based out of Ireland. They began working together in May 2017 after both separately landing a job with Irish company Tumble Circus, and since then have been working as an acro-duo. They created their first show ‘Cikada’ at the beginning of 2018 which was nominated for the Judges’ Choice Award, ‘Best Duo,’ Dublin Fringe Festival 2018.

Their project is to redevelop and further explore the ideas in Cikada, to break apart the company’s show Cikada, explore the ideas further, create new material and put the show back together again with director Alain Servant.




Maria Corcoran (Catalyst 2019: Development of Work)

Maria Corcoran of Circo Coranco, has over 8 years of experience in producing, performing and teaching circus arts. She has developed technical skills in balance, object manipulation and theatre. She performs regularly as a stilt walker, juggler, acrobat and unicyclist as well as delivering shows with ‘StrongWomen Science’, ‘The Quare Wans’ and ‘Fireflies’. She aspires to captivate audiences, transforming them and sending them away with a heightened awareness of their potential within. Her work inspires and empowers spectators as well as emotionally uplifting them. She is passionate about circus arts and endeavors to spread the joy that it has given her.

During this residency Maria will be developing her well-known character ‘Beryl’. She will work with physical comedy legend John Towsen to upskill and generate new material for a show. Beryl is a young-at-heart, 97 year old woman who doesn’t care about aging gracefully and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She is old and bold! Maria wants to use this character to promote age equality, remind people to cherish the time we have, appreciate the little things in life and stop taking important things for granted. She wants to empower onlookers and demonstrate that life is too short to be taken seriously. Maria is very excited to have this opportunity to work with John Towsen who has decades of experience in performing, directing, writing and teaching clown and physical comedy. She hopes to learn from him how to comedically marry her circus skills and physicality with story and character for new performances with Beryl.

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