Social Circus is a term that refers to the use of circus skills to teach and develop social skills such as teamwork and communication and can assist in the overcoming of trauma and contribute to personal and social development. Social Circus may be defined as a tool for social intervention.

Social Circus classes are designed with these objectives in mind – to develop and nurture self esteem and trust in others – rather than the focus being on imparting high level circus abilities. Games and teaching styles encourage the osmosis of these social benefits without the explicit knowledge of the participants.

Social Circus is a powerful tool to help marginalized groups become active citizens, acquire social skills while expressing their own creativity in a supportive environment and gives freedom to realize their own potential.

Participants are most commonly youth who are marginalized or at social or personal risk, however Social Circus can also be applied to those with learning difficulties, to those with physical disabilities and elderly people.

Dublin Circus Project have previously run Social Circus programmes with Direct Provision centres and other at risk groups. Dublin Circus Project regularly works with Clondalkin Towers Direct Provision Centre, Dyspraxia Ireland, Forward Steps Youth Centre, Fair Play Cup, Foroige Tallaght, Foroige Autism Friendly Youth Club, Ozanam House, and Swan Youth Service

Through its social circus programmes, Dublin Circus Project caters to very diverse groups and communities. We have extensive experience in delivering tailored programmes whose content and objectives are adapted to the abilities and needs of each specific group. If you are interested in speaking with us about running a Social Circus programme please contact us at