The following rules must be adhered to when in the Dublin Circus Centre.

  •  You are responsible for your own safety.
  • All individuals training during Open Training times must have completed the Dublin Circus Project Registration Form available on site.
  • Please keep the space tidy and clean up after yourself. Please use the shelves provided for your personal belongings.
  • All food must be eaten upstairs. No food should be eaten in the training area.
  • No shoes on any gymnastic mats.
  • All gymnastic mats must be lifted, not dragged, by two people.
  • Do not interfere with any aerialist while they are on the equipment. This includes: touching the equipment, walking underneath equipment, throwing props near them, needlessly talking to them while they’re on equipment.
  • Seek permission to use equipment that is not yours. Ask a member of staff.
  • Keep rosin, chalk, food, drink and street shoes off all mats.
  • You must listen to the instruction/direction of the present venue manager at all times.


All aerialists must pay particular attention to the aerial specific rules.