**All those who wish to train aerial in the Circus Centre MUST be Aerial Approved**

Dublin Circus Project are proud to provide open training to aerial practitioners in Dublin on a daily basis. To avail of training on a drop-in or membership basis you must be Aerial Approved and adhere to the below rules.

Aerial Specific Rules

  • Aerialists must be Aerial Approved to train aerial in the space.
  • To rig apparatus please contact us at info@dublincircusproject.com or ask a member of the committee whilst in the Circus Centre. No equipment can be rigged, removed or altered without permission from the DCP committee.
  • No aerial training without another person present in the training space.
  • Please assist and spot each other but refrain from instruction outside of registered classes.
  • No homemade equipment can be rigged in the space.
  • Aerialists should be aware and respectful of other circus arts practitioners in the space.
  • Please be safe, warm up properly, use skilled spotters and stay within your skill and training limitations!

Those who wish to use the Dublin Circus Centre for training in the aerial arts, such as silks, rope, trapeze, etc. must first be Aerial Approved. To become Aerial Approved you must submit one of the following to the DCP Committee via email:

  • A copy of your private insurance policy
  • A letter/email from a known aerial teacher stating that you are competent in your given discipline to train without supervision*.
  • A video of a practice session or performance in your given discipline
  • Vouching from two known aerial members of the Dublin Circus Centre

After the above has been submitted the DCP Committee will then consider approval and follow up with you if necessary.

No person who is not Aerial Approved is permitted to train with any aerial apparatus in the Dublin Circus Centre.

*For health and safety reasons there must be at least one other person in the Dublin Circus Centre at all times when any person is training with aerial apparatus. No person is permitted to use the Circus Centre for aerial training without a minimum of one other person in the Circus Centre with them.